Photographer – Wolfgang Grube

As an all-rounder with the camera, I’m not specialized in a specific subject area. Of course, sports photography is my passion.

Topic reports, commercials, portrait photography, landscape, travel, architecture, industry and event photography are other areas of my specialization that you can benefit from.

I am happy to be available for your private events or photo series.

Take a look at my page and see for yourself.

What can I do for you?

Working for over 50 years all over Germany and worldwide as a freelance photographer for leading domestic and foreign motor sports magazines and specialist publishers.

Well-known industrial companies are among my clients as well as photo models and private persons.

Many years as an exclusive photographer at Nürburgring GmbH under contract. I accompanied with my camera the construction of the new racetrack and the pit area. Since the opening of the new Nürburgring almost every motorsport event in the Eifel has been documented as a picture journalist.

I know all the famous racetracks in Europe and overseas. Until 1986 I was a successful motor sportsman myself and started at many motorcycle road races and trial events.

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